goingupWe are a performance based interactive agency specializing in direct marketing online … more specifically … we’re a full-service advertising agency specializing in:

  • –> Direct Marketing
  • –> Online Promotions
  • –> Email Marketing
  • –> Copywriting
  • –> Marketing Consulting
  • –> Media Buying and other Ad Agency duties …

… And much, much more.

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chalkboardHere’s a list of the primary services we specialize in and provide:

Online Marketing Services:

We do everything from the creative (banner ads, emails‚ etc) to the landing pages and offers‚ to the follow up sequences and stick strategies‚ to the backend (including up-sells, cross-sells‚ and other monetization strategies).

Our most successful clients work with us long-term‚ where we continually split test and optimize conversion rates across all aspects of their campaigns. This is a major secret as to how we’re able to dominate markets online so quickly.

We also have relationships with top‚ reliable vendors for most other aspects of an online campaign‚ including traffic generation (affiliate networks‚ banner advertising‚ PPC‚ SEO‚ Co-registration‚ etc)‚ product creation and manufacturing‚ CRM platforms‚ merchant accounts‚ backend JV opportunities in many markets‚ and much more‚ which we are able to recommend to clients.

Offline Marketing Services:

One of the things we’ve found is that many companies with strong offline businesses need help finding success online‚ and many online companies need help extending offline. Because we are highly proficient in both online and offline marketing‚ we’re able to help our clients do this‚ which can result in huge growth.

Marketing Consulting:

We can consult on planning‚ creating and executing many aspects of a direct response online and offline campaign. For areas outside of what we internally do‚ we’re often able to refer you to service providers that we trust and rely on.

Often with new clients‚ we advise to begin with a full business evaluation‚ where we evaluate your entire business to determine where your biggest opportunities lie.


On a limited basis‚ we can do speaking engagements and trainings.

Product launch manager services

Not familiar with what a product launch is?

The simplest analogy we can give you is with what the movie industry does. They release trailers and do all sorts of marketing so that by the time a movie is released‚ there are lines out the door the first day.

Likewise‚ in a product launch‚ instead of driving people directly to an offer to buy something, you build an entire campaign over the space of days or weeks‚ building anticipation, excitement‚ and desire for a product that you are releasing on a certain date and time. When you do release it‚ you immediately have an avalanche of sales.

Believe it or not‚ you can often take the revenue you do per year online‚ and produce the same revenue in a week to a month with a well-orchestrated product launch.

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When the smoke cleared - the letter he wrote had pulled in over $129,131… in less than 7 days (that was only to a subset of my list… with just under 800 names!)”

– Lance Mason, PickUp101.com

Dear Business-Builder,

Caleb Osborne here.

I value your time (and mine), so I’m going to make this short…

If you landed on this page, you’re probably looking for a direct response copywriter… and you know that finding the right one can explode your business (and your bank account) darn-near overnight.

If I were looking for a copywriter I’d want to see two things:

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Caleb Osborne

Bencivenga EXPOSED! World’s Most Respected Copywriter… Also World’s Best Pickup Artist?

Dear Business Builder,

I’m convinced Gary Bencivenga is not just the world’s most respected copywriter… legendary in the business for his amazing control beating copy and ability to walk away from split-run tests victorious and unscathed… but… he’s a full blown ladies man too!

Why would I make such an accusation?

Especially, when he always makes a point to talk about how much he respects women and how the first ad agency he copy-chiefed started hiring women before everyone else in the 70’s?

It’s simple really…

Bencivenga THINKS Like a World Class Seducer!

Maybe it’s because he spent 37 some odd years painstakingly learning his direct repsonse craft… honing his skills against the world’s toughest copywriting competition… and he finally learned how to “seduce” his prospects into taking action and buying products from his promos.

But I think the inside story is a lot more “sinister” (it couldn’t be THAT simple right?)

Here’s why: because I’m a copywriter, I’ve had the pleasure (yes, that’s the word) of hanging out with some of the best seducers in the world who also own businesses teaching other guys how to get better meeting and dating women.

(Yes, it’s a tough job, but SOMEBODY has to do it!)

They sell info products over the internet, hold live seminars, and even take their students “in field” to night clubs, bars and other public venues to test their newly learned skills meeting women… get expert feedback from their coaches… and improve their “game”.

That game of course is learning how to become a more naturally persuasive and attractive man… and pursuing a more intimate relationship with one or many women they meet—as quickly as possible.

But What’s This Got Ta Do With Bencivenga?

… Or Copywriting For That Matter?

This is where the evidence starts piling up…

You see, for the last couple years (since his retirement) Bencivenga has so generously shared with us his innermost secrets to achieving higher response rates—even as our prospects and audiences become more jaded, more skeptical, and more accustomed to seeing our direct marketing efforts.

One of the most important principles the great Gary teaches… the one he claims is the most lethal for increasing your response… is to always marry your benefits with proof elements to increase the success of your persuasion attempts.


Because our prospects have seen it all! They’ve been screamed at “Lose weight FAST!”, “Get Rich Fast!”… “Make $1,000’s each week from home!”… and they’re getting better at recognizing and dodging these benefit driven promotional bullets before they land.

Ads that lead with big benefits (at least in more “mature” markets that are familiar with direct marketing) are quickly recognized as advertisements and hardly ever paid attention to.

That’s why you see so many of the world’s biggest direct marketing companies using different, more “sneaky” formats for their mailings. Formats like magalogs that promise the reader important information within the actual promotion — so they’re more likely to read.

Bencivenga calls this the secret of the Monkey’s fist — that the first sale you need to make in any promotion is selling your prospect on reading your promotion…

But he’s not fooling ME!

Cause I know real pickup artists understand that the secret to a woman’s heart… and persuading her to start an intimate relationship with you (even that same night!)… is doing the same thing…

And you might have guessed that getting all the women in your life you can handle is NOT accomplished with “big benefit” marketing and persuasion!

How To Get Slapped Silly The Next Time You Meet a Woman

As proof try leading with a typical “sales pitch” the next time you meet a woman you’d like to get to know better…

“Hello! Here’s My Amazing Story I Learned From a One-Legged Woman That Will Give You Earth Quaking Passion All Night, Every Night For At Least One Night – 100% Guaranteed!”

“Would you like to see some testimonials?”

Then duck and cover.

Obviously this isn’t going to work – and you shouldn’t expect it to!

The secret, the crafty Bencivenga tells us, is to marry our benefits with proof –right from the start—so we end up persuading a person from both “angles”.

These two angles are:

  • The emotional, excited part of their brains – accomplished by the benefits… and…
  • The logical, protective part of their brains – which only wants the proof…

The Persuasion Secret Of The Nun and The Anime Girl

Imagine a catholic nun in your head. She is wearing her black head-piece… she’s got those strict “teacher glasses” and she’s one tough cookie.

She’s a strict, “stick in the mud” nun with a scowl on her face determined to keep you from having any fun (my apologies to any offended nuns reading this message).

Now imagine an “Anime girl”. For those of you who didn’t grow up in the last few decades, this is a reference to the way Japanese cartoon artists draw women in their animation films (no matter the age of the women — it’s their “ideal” woman)…

She’s got big wide glassy eyes full of wonder and innocence… she’s young, careless and worry-free… and cute as a button just looking to enjoy each day to the fullest and without fear. (To help you out, take a look at the pictures)

I had one master ladies man explain the secret to women like this to me:

Imagine whenever you’re trying to pursue a new adventure with a woman or persuade her to “do something fun” you are dealing with two different people—and how you speak to these two different people is going to determine your success or failure.

You’re dealing with one person—the excited “anime” girl—who is a caricature of the young, innocent female “ideal”: Trusting, always excited to try new things, completely uninhibited, and ready to just have fun!

This is the emotional side of a woman…

And the other person you’re dealing with is her ever watchful Nun—who is very protective of the little Anime girl, always looking for trouble or signs of danger, and never wanting the little anime girl to get in over her head.

This is the logical side of a woman…

When you appeal to the woman’s emotional side by keeping your interactions fun, lively and always care-free –you’re talking to the Anime girl.

And whenever you talk logically to a woman… get her to take responsibility for something… or even make decisions—you’re talking to the Nun.

How To Not Get Slapped Silly Talking To a Woman

Imagine this: You’re a young man and you’re shopping at Borders, the book store. After you check out and begin to leave you notice the other cashier (the one who didn’t ring you up) is really cute.

You’d definitely like to talk to her… and persuade her to go on a date with you. At first, you consider the big benefit approach we covered above… But you’ve been reading Bencivenga lately—and you don’t like getting slapped.

So you decide to listen to this world-class ladies man and go with a different approach:

When the cute store cashier tells you to “have a nice day” as you begin to leave, you shout back in fake anger: “Don’t you tell me what to do—I hardly even know you!” in an obviously playful way designed to have fun with her and tease her a bit… a couple of unique things happen:

  • She smiles because you’ve appealed to her emotions!
  • You’re different but you seem nice and most importantly FUN because you’re stimulating her emotional side…
  • You’re not being overtly sexual or creepy – just looking to make her smile…
  • And she knows you’re just having fun with her…

So her emotional side – the anime girl—is enjoying the interaction and you can probably flirt a little more… then (and this is important)… you start to get a little more serious because now her inner nun is wondering “who is this guy?”… “is he really for real?”… “he seems different, I hope he’s not some creep – or worse yet a stalker!”

So out you go with your “proof” elements that your “big benefit” (being fun, interesting and making her feel good) can be believed:

  • You give her your name…
  • You tell her where you’re from, a little bit about who you are, etc…
  • You come across as a generally normal, but fun and interesting guy!
  • And if you’re really slick: you don’t let on that you chat girls like this up all the time and have interactions with women so easily — you admit a damaging flaw to make yourself seem more believable and trustworthy–maybe tell her “I was so nervous when we started talking” and maybe even show a little embarressment to show her you’re not just some slick “player” who is only interested in her physically!

… And finally after a little small talk and chit-chat you agree to meet up for drinks in the coming week… exchange telephone numbers to talk later and confirm… then walk away.

(You WERE leaving the store anyways right?)

What Happened And How Can It Make You A Better Persuader in Print?

Several things:

  • One you led with a big benefit (I’m fun and I can make you have more good emotions with me than without me) and…
  • You married it with a proof element (I’m fun, but I’m also serious about liking you—enough that I think we should meet up for drinks later –and don’t worry I’m NOT a weird creep or some stalker type!)

By meeting her this way you’ve effectively pleased both parts of her “split” personality—the cute little, trusting Anime girl who just wants to have fun AND the watchful, logical Nun who wants to make sure Anime Girl never gets into trouble.

The lesson?

As Bencivenga and his pickup artist cohorts (or maybe it’s just a coincidence afterall) teach us…

To get anywhere with persuasion (no matter WHAT you’re trying to accomplish) you need to marry your big benefit promises with some powerful proof elements so that you simultaneously persuade and move to action BOTH sides of a person’s personality.

And if you’re really slick you can add an extra layer of credibility by admitting you or your product is NOT perfect and that you share the exact same insecurities and infallibility as your prospects and customers.

Doing it this way ensures you almost always get a much, MUCH, higher response.


Caleb Osborne.


NOTE: Many of my clients are in highly competitive, cutthroat niches–so I don’t have permission to share those samples with you… but… you can see some of the ones I do have permission to share below:


Copy so good it holds the attention of (and sells out a product!) for people with ADD?

Yup, that’s what this piece did: Unwrapping The Gift Of ADD

  • It should be noted that this letter alone was not responsible for the 5 figures my client raked in over just a few weeks … but also … I created an entire “Jeff Walker Style” product launch sequence for him, complete with emails, upsells, downsells, etc …

How happy was the client?


Or you could sell 100’s of units before it’s even made

(Pre-production discounts are a great way to recoup the investment of creating your product).

This one sold hundreds of units and brought in thousands in just a few days: Rub On Relief

  • Again, with this promotion I was lucky enough to have a hand in the launch of the product, providing emails leading up to the day of the launch and more …

Here’s what the owner of the company had to say about working with me …


How does over $201,000 in about two weeks sound?

That’s what this letter brought in: Charismatic Conversations!

The same client was so thrilled with the results of the Charismatic Conversations launch … and realized at the same time that he forgot to promote his upcoming seminar … So … I wrote this letter in a week and it brought in somewhere in the neighborhood of $140,000+ dollars: Art of seduction seminar!

And here’s what Lance had to say about working with me …


Super CoQ10 Promotion: Honorable Mention Award Winning Sales Letter, Clayton Makepeace Power Marketing Summit 06 - Power Copywriting Challenge.

Web Design/Hosting Services Prospecting Letter: A 16 page, “dollar bill” letter that made Gary Halbert stand up and tell his seminar audience, “Everyone needs a copy of this in their swipe file!”

It’s Easy To Get In Touch With Me!

You can reach me simply and easily at one of the following three ways:

Phone: 1.540.907.3299

Email: Caleb@CalebOsborneConsulting.com

Address: 2003 Idlewild Blvd, Fredericksburg, VA 22401


YOU Get Copywriting For MY Birthday?

My birthday is Tuesday, December 16th… but if you act fast…

I’ll Give YOU The Present!

Here’s what this is about: I’m opening up my schedule to take on one, maybe two new clients for December into January.

My fees aren’t “cheap”, but for the right client, they ARE worth it (keep reading to see the “twist” I’m putting on this — it’s GREAT!):

“I Earned More Than 10 Times His Fee In Our Initial Product Launch!”

“Although I had heard all of the experts talk about how important copy is for marketing and sales, I have to admit that I didn’t really want to spend money on it. It seemed so expensive.

I was also concerned about finding the right copywriter - as my niche is a health topic, and I needed a copywriter who is versatile enough to adapt to a health niche. I consider myself lucky to have found Caleb.

He was easy to work with and met deadlines - once he was even early! Caleb was responsive to my requests and adapted his copy based on my feedback. One of my biggest concerns about hiring Caleb was a concern regarding the investment.

In the end - did I mind his fee? Not when I earned more than 10 times the fee in the first week! In our initial launch, Caleb’s copy converted 28% of our free members to paid members. Talk about world class copy… If you want a copy writer who is reliable, easy to work with, on time, and writes world class copy that converts, look no further.”

-Dr. Kenny Handelman, www.addadhdblog.com

The BEST Deal You’ll EVER Get With Me
(Or Any Copywriter For That Matter!)

Dr. Kenny’s results are pretty great, and here’s how you could get me to perform the same type of thing in your business for the best deal you’ll ever get…

I’m doing something unheard of:

I’ll Give You a Payment Plan!

Here’s how it works: instead of you paying me 50% or 100% of the fee for writing your copy up front… I’ll let you pay me a fraction of that money up front… and then over the next couple months you can pay for my services on a “payment plan” schedule through paypal.

This could be a great opportunity for the right person who is looking to increase their conversions… but can’t afford to spend the full amount it takes to hire a professional copywriter up front.

Doing it this way, you’ll still pay enough up front to make sure you’re getting great copywriting work, but…

You Could Even Start Profiting From Your New Copy BEFORE You Finish Paying For It!

Here’s the terms:

  • This is probably a “one time only” offer I’ll NEVER repeat again because it’s my birthday and I want to try something different…
  • You must be able to afford a minimum $2,000 invested, up front… and the rest can be financed (yes, the total investment on your part for my copywriting services WILL be over $2,000 because you get what you pay for. I don’t have a flat fee rate because every copywriting project is different and most require multiple different things… but it will be over $2,000. )
  • The $2,000 will be paid up front via paypal… and you’ll be “subscribed” to a payment schedule of around $1,000 per month for the next few months until your complete investment in my services is paid up.
  • I expect to get flooded with emails, but I can really only accept a MAXIMUM of 2 spots... and it’s “First come, first serve”… so it’s in your best interest to act fast if this is something you think would help you.

Here’s What To Do Next:

If you’re interested (please reread the “terms” above to make sure), you just have to email me directly at biz.costyle@gmail.com with the subject line “Birthday Special” and we’ll setup a time to talk about working together.

Thanks for reading this message and Happy Birthday to me (even though you’re getting the present!)

Talk soon,